adventures in dysthymia

Monday, March 12, 2007


Or maybe Won'tfest...this past weekend was the three-day Will McLean Folk Festival, held down near Dade City FL -- about a seven hour drive from my new home here in the Panhandle. I intended to be there for the whole thing but, alas, a bit of an emergency came up and I had to leave mid-day on Saturday. So, no real reports or pictures or anything this year. That's how it goes sometimes.

Anyway, one of my tires decided to go bad on the long drive home, just to make my weekend complete. Thumpety...thumpety...thumpety...

On the bright side, things are moving along at Peanut Road. The garden, the trees, the...pollen. I'll be sneezing and sniffling the next couple weeks, I reckon. And eventually I'll get the so-called studio in order. Or studios, I should say, since art is in one end of the place -- my 'office' in which I am currently sitting -- and the recording will be on the other end. Here's a drawing (almost to scale!) of the future recording area, as it currently exists.

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