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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Enough with the wintery weather in April! We can bring back Spring now, okay? I need more beach time! I think I need me a new surfboard; all mine are pretty deteriorated after the several years they sat while I did the caregiver thing...but they cost more than a decent computer!

Which is understandable, considering the hand work involved. I built a dozen boards or so in my younger days and can appreciate the effort shaping and glassing requires. Maybe I'll try my hand at it again some day. Like I have the time!

I do intend to make time to get over to White Springs on May 5th. Yes, I'll really make it this time...I hope. It's been a mighty long time since I dropped in at the First Saturday Coffeehouse. Now that I've announced it all over the place, I guess I have to show, right?

Speaking of White Springs, it's only a little over a month till the Florida Folk Festival once again rolls around. I intend to be there for all three days (May 25-27) if I can swing it i.e. arrange for someone to look in on my mom while I'm gone. Trying to take her along to Willfest was a bit of a disaster and we had to leave early...anyway, I intend to be traveling and camping with my niece and nephew, Mean Mary and Frank James, who made the cut as performers this year (and, of course, I didn't). They're part-time residents here at Peanut Road and part-time up in Tennessee.

Incidentally, Mary is getting married next week! Congrats Mean Mary and Johnny. Should I call him 'Mean Johnny' now? And while we're on birthday is this Saturday! I was already officially older than the hills so I don't worry about adding years anymore. Y'know, once you get past a certain point, you almost want to flaunt it! But not around young ladies, of course...then you shave a few years off...

A bit of news about my store -- Cafe Press, which powers the shop, apparently had some problems with their storage and lost a bunch of people's images, including some of mine. They say they'll get 'em back. I hope so, don't want to have to reload images and redo the stock. I'll probably have some more designs up before long -- I tend to do it in 'fits.'

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