Monday, April 30, 2007


A couple or so years back I discovered the Analog X free rhyming dictionary on line and passed the link along to some of my friends. I downloaded it and have been using it ever since, despite some shortcomings. It does well enough.

Anyway...while visiting the folk music site/discussion board, Mud Cat (I drop by most days), I ran into a link for another free rhyming dictionary -- of sorts -- at the Brian McGill site. Some of you may know of McGill; I won't say anything one way or the other about him or his work. So I downloaded the software.

First, it's a pretty big download. What do you get after an hour and a half waiting on a dial-up connection? A rather bloated version of Note Pad with an integrated rhyming dictionary and thesaurus. The rhyme part seems okay. The thesaurus is inadequate by my standards (no antonyms, far as I can tell) and definitely a lot slower than having a decent print version sitting on your desk. Too bad the rhyming dictionary is part of the 'Verse Perfect' editor and not stand-alone. As it is, I'll probably delete the program and stick to my regular word processor (which has far more features), use the Analog X dictionary, and keep the good old Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus in easy reach.

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