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Monday, May 28, 2007

So...the Fla Folk Festival has been rescheduled for November. I reckon I'll try to be there one way or one day or another. Unless a recording gig comes up -- that's the time of year I tend to be busiest. Unfortunately, Mary and Frank have a prior engagement for that weekend so they are opting to take a spot next Spring instead.

On the subject of folk music and such, I'm hoping eventually to do house concerts (or at least musical get-togethers) here at Peanut Road. I certainly have the space, a sound system, I'm reasonably near to some urban centers. My wrap-around porch would be a good stage, too. We'll see. But I definitely need to work on the plumbing here first!

I am getting the place more livable -- and workable -- all the time. My office/art studio is finally set up and usable. No excuse not to get some work done now. Next up is the recording studio/music room. That will be a somewhat larger undertaking, in terms of getting it fully set up and professional. I can work in it right now, though, for editing and such. Probably I'll have to get (or build, more likely) some sort of isolation booth for recording in the immediate future. I work on the plumbing or the booth first...

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