Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It's back to normal here at Peanut Road, typical Spring weather, i.e. warm and dry. I hope the Summer pattern sets in soon and rain starts falling. Heat, I don't mind.

I took a jaunt (well, it's 175 miles, more'n a jaunt, I reckon) to White Springs on Saturday for the 'Cracker Coffeehouse.' At least that's what our MC of the night, Tallahassee story-teller Kate Taluga, called it, though I thought the name had been quietly dropped a while back as not quite PC! All the info I've seen on it recently just calls it the First Saturday Coffeehouse.

Not that it matters, of course. Smallish crowd and mostly pretty amateurish performers. I knew that a lot of the folkie community would be off to St Augustine this past weekend for the Gamble Rogers Festival. But I came to give my typically scintillating performance and regular Lance Lazenby showed up as well. As far away as it is, I don't suppose I'll make it more than a couple times a year anymore; when I was 65 miles away in Steinhatchee, it was a different matter.

Decided to do some Irish songs this time. Whisky in the Jar, which I perform fairly regular, and The Parting Glass. I'd never done TPG in public before but I've long intended to make it my regular closing number. Did some of my own stuff too.

In less than three weeks, I hope to be back over there for an extended weekend at the Florida Folk Festival, along with my niece and nephew, Mary and Frank James, who will be performing (I'm not). There are some questions as to whether I can work out the logistics for that here at home, but I'll try! I may have to settle for just driving over for one day.

Well, it's getting into later afternoon and cooling down a tad. I think I'll go crank up the lawn mower.

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