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Friday, July 06, 2007


My Space is sooo last week. There are, like, all these old people there and they all want to be your friend or something. Eeeewwwww! ~ Muffi Middrif

Seriously, some of you know or noticed or maybe didn't care anyway, but I closed down all the MySpace accounts a couple months back. Fewer of you know it was because of the spam and viruses and because I had passwords stolen (which I'm blaming on MS but it possibly could have happened elsewhere) and fraudulent credit card charges.

And, yes, I had virus and malware protection. I've increased it! But a more effective step (beyond the closing down of said accounts) may be switching to the Mac for most of my online experience and definitely for any shopping! I bought the Mini, actually, to take on the road with me (seemed more cost-effective than a notebook) but it's going into service at home now.

So, just maybe, I'll open up another account at MySpace...if only so I can see the stuff that is 'members only.' But this time I won't waste so much time there, right? ;)

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