adventures in dysthymia

Monday, July 30, 2007

Yes, as suggested in the last post, the crape myrtles are indeed in bloom. And yes, I find myself quite allergic to their pollen. There's not much I can do about the ones along the streets or in other folks' yards, but I don't need to live with them in my own yard next season. I've never thought them that attractive anyway and reckon I'll be looking to replace them with something that will provide fruit and shade -- perhaps mulberries or figs.

I did a little remodeling here, doing away with the template I used the last couple years. I was bored with it even if y'all weren't. A few minor adjustments in the html and voila, a lovely...well, look.

So the 'Spaces' at MSN are finally working in SeaMonkey (and, I would assume, FireFox). I don't know whether the change was there or in the latest version of the browser, but it doesn't matter now. Too late; I've no interest in trying to blog there again. Shoot, I can't get around to updating what I have.

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