adventures in dysthymia

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The fact is, I am a very visually oriented person. A visual thinker. I barely spoke until I was four or so; those of you who know me personally also know that I can barely carry on a conversation even now! I never really 'got' language until I saw it on the page, at which time I became an immediate and voracious reader.

The same is pretty much true of music. I can sit down and create music in notation on a piece of paper (no guarantee it will be any good, of course) but I am totally lost in a jam. Steve is not a natural musician, at least in the normal sense. Yet I have a head full of theory and 'understand' music better than many of my musician friends. (They play just as well without theory, naturally...but I wouldn't.)

Obviously, I prefer things to be organized, as well. The logic of a page of music notation speaks to me. The same with a well-crafted poem, an elegantly-written story. Shoot, this even applies to the programs I prefer on my computer -- I'll take a logical layout over an 'intuitive' one, anytime. The idea of 'tagging' stuff rather than organizing it neatly in folders gives me fits! :)

Does any of this matter? At this point in my life, probably not! I yam what I yam and know what works for me. More or less...

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