Sunday, August 12, 2007

I can hardly believe that I haven't updated the Insolent Lad site (and its associated domains) since March. Too many things have been 'on hold' lately. Anyway, I was noting the inadequacies of the Google calendar I had embedded there (like it wouldn't display what month it was!) and I apparently can't put its Yahoo counterpart on a page, only a link button, so I installed a standalone calendar app this morning and will link it in eventually. Not much hurry, since there isn't much on the agenda at the moment...probably the list of upcoming events I had on the WordPress blog there for a while works just as well, really.

I might redo that, in fact. I don't do a very good job of updating that blog (the Insolent News) either. Oh well, I'd better go change and get off to church. They need my mellifluous voice, y'know, even if I do have to sing bass this early in the day. Maybe I can be a tenor this evening.

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Steve B said...

Actually, I suspect that I could embed a Yahoo calendar if I went to the bother of figuring out how. But the php-based app I have up-n-working seems a better solution anyway.