Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I've been trying to get all my ducks in a row but they keep waddling off. None the less, I'm finally getting near to relaunching the online magazine, Peripheral Vision. There is a 'holder page' for it at it's sub-domain at my Insolent Lad site; perhaps if it warrants it, I'll spring for its very own domain down the line. I know I swore off MySpace and all its aggravations, but I did start a space for the magazine there anyway: . More as I get around to it (and get them ducks rounded up).

I picked all the remaining peaches on my little tree yesterday so it's too late to show up with a sack. :) Loads coming on the big pear tree, though. Pecans later....

I think maybe I should put in a couple good peach trees. If it's as hot and dry next year as this one, I might as well not bother; what didn't die in the Spring drought, I'm losing in the current heat. I'm afraid my tulip magnolias are shot. Did pick some stunted butternut squash and have a few more coming and the tomatillos are doing okay. They seem to hold up better in this weather than most of the stuff in the garden. I guess I should just plant zinnias and tomatillos!

Visitors coming in the next couple weeks, my niece and her husband the minister in about a week and a half. Then the next weekend -- the Labor Day holiday -- there's a good chance that a whole flock of Jameses will be showing up and possibly camping in my yard. That's not for certain yet. If they do come, I hope it's not quite so hot by then!

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