Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some words about the subject of that last poem (as always, I discuss my writing more fully at my 360 blog and generally just post stuff without much comment here). That subject being (in part) Modernism and that fact that many who consider themselves 'cutting edge' and up-to-date are mired in styles of poetry from an half-century (or more) ago. I see this quite a lot in little literary magazines, both print and on-line -- an aversion to rhyme and meter, e.g.

Well, the Modern poets pretty much explored doing away with those aspects of verse and it is time to move on, folks. No, I'm not saying poems need to rhyme! I only occasionally rhyme and that is usually in song. And although I fall into meter fairly naturally, I don't consider it essential...but I certainly don't consider it anathema, either! English is a pretty strongly stressed language and I like for English-language poetry to reflect that fact.

I suppose this sort of thing, as much as any other factor (and there are others, of course), is why I feel there may be room for me to start up my own little magazine. No, I am no great arbiter of taste, I have no manifesto to promulgate; I just feel there is room for poetry that is neither rehashed Modernism nor Romantic pastiche (I must admit that most of my stuff that has shown up in magazines falls very much into that latter category...hey, I was learning my craft!). So I intend to be very open about what I'll publish. It just needs to be good! :)

In other news: in about a week-and-a-half I'll be doing a video taping for Cafe Americana, to be broadcast on their television show. We're doing it on location rather than me going to the studio in Nashville. I'd better practice some, though a bit of editing can make even me look talented.

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