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Friday, August 31, 2007

Wednesday, I spent the day at the beach. Not having fun, oh no...I was working!

Yeah, working. That's my story and I do intend to stick to it. We were shooting video for my appearance on Cafe Americana (channel 19, Nashville). Steve was there with guitar, aloha shirt and his usual abundance of wit and charm (which only shows up when I have an audience -- I am terribly shy normally -- social anxiety, really, to the point of sometimes having panic attacks). I think the shoot went well enough; there should be enough usable footage to patch something viewable together. I'll look sunburned 'cause I was by the time we finished.

Back at Peanut Road: finally got my fire pit dug and the bottom covered with the recycled concrete slabs. I'll need to arrange those rocks I toted over from Steinhatchee around the perimeter now. Reckon I'll have a bunch left over to use for something else, somewhere else. Btw, speaking of Peanut Road, I started a second blog here under that name. It's going to be music-oriented and more specifically, about recording. Mostly, anyways.

Eventually I'll post pics of some of this stuff...when I get 'em out of the camera and developed. Yep, I still use my 35 mm Minolta, in that digital cameras are the work of the devil. (Hey, they eat batteries, dead batteries are pollution, pollution is evil. Oh sure, all those chemicals used to print photos are pollution too, but we'll just ignore that, okay?)

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