adventures in dysthymia

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm about to take off for Steinhatchee and Perry for the day, so I'll just drop a couple of news items -- as if my life is news.

1) I wasn't on Cafe Americana this week (Channel 19, Nashville). I was supposed to be on CA but the folks at the station accidentally ran the wrong show. So it will be next week, Tues and Thurs evenings, and occasional reruns thereafter.

2) Ms Garcia is very probably going to cancel her concert in November so maybe I'll make it to the Fla Folk Festival after all. She's in the process of buying her house and piano practice time has to be sacrificed. We'll see....she might always change her mind again.

3) I've come to an arrangement with my 'sister studio' in Tennessee and it looks like I'm going to use the Artists and Vagrants name for my place. A&V South, recording and maybe video down the line. Hey, until I typed that out I never realized that A&V could stand for both 'Artists and Vagrants' and 'audio and video.' Well gosh all golly!

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