Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ouch! A dilemma just moseyed up and gored me pretty good. Turns out that Fri Nov 9, the opening day of the rescheduled Florida Folk Festival, will also be the day Ms Lynda K Garcia has her annual piano recital. If I hadn't expected to camp over at White Springs with the kids (i.e. Mean Mary and Frank) this wouldn't be such a problem.

Oh well, if it comes to a choice between catching the first day of the festival or going up to Tuskegee to support and record Lynda, obviously I'm going to choose the latter. Steve knows his priorities! I don't know if I'll camp at all, then, or just drive over for one day at White Springs.

LG is considering doing an all-jazz concert this year. When I've recorded her the last four years, it's been mostly classical with a couple jazz numbers thrown in. Even got a couple of her own in the one time.

Btw, I see there will be no opportunity to apply for a performance slot at the 2008 festival, due to the rescheduling and all. That kind of sucks and not just for me. If it were up to me, in all my wisdom, I would move the event to November permanently...but for some reason, no one has asked my opinion!

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