Thursday, October 04, 2007

CAFE AMERICANA aired the show with me as guest on Tuesday night and will repeat tonight. I've seen it now on DVD; unfortunately, all the 'fun' parts (like me on banjolele) didn't make the final cut. I probably seem much more sober than I actually am. There are some nice clips of Mary on the Panama Beach on the same program.

Incidentally, thought I'd mention that Mary James (and Frank and the rest of us) is no relation to my friend Jenny James of the duo (with husband Ron Gilbert) Roseville Fair. Btw, Jenny and Ron need themselves a much better website! I met the couple when we were all semi-regulars at a coffeehouse in northern Tampa. A defunct venue now, as so many are. Missed hanging with them at their camp at Willfest this year. Had an emergency and had to leave early! Maybe next time.

Been doing some cooking today. Baked my patented low-fat oatmeal scones. Applesauce is the key ingredient. Also made hummus. Must have hummus on hand; more often than not, I use black beans rather than garbanzos. Just prefer the flavor, though both are good! I try to stick with vegetarian fare, when possible. Or lacto-vegetarian, if you will. Not for any health reasons, particularly, it's just my take on having a certain reverence for life.

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