Sunday, October 07, 2007

This week is my mom's birthday. 89 and still going strong. Considering that my dad made it to 91, I reckon I may have some pretty good genes for longevity. Nothing like picking the right parents!

Lately I've been doing some fairly extensive revamping of the website. The Insolent Lad, that is. The fact that I've been adding new material there, such as pages for the Artists and Vagrants Studio and my literary magazine (it's coming , really!) led me to get off my duff and get to work. Well, actually I had to get onto my duff in front of the computer, didn't I?

Also, of course, having my name and website address on a television show made me realize that I needed to spruce things up there. Not that I expect hordes of avid fans to suddenly type in my URL.

I'm experimenting with options for Peripheral Vision Magazine, in terms of how to publish each issue. I do hope to make them available in PDF format, but the current issue should also be directly accessible at the site, without having to open an Adobe Reader. I always hate having to do that in my browser. It's slow and sometimes crashes the whole thing. But then, I'm on dial-up so those using high-speed may not mind. I'll keep messing with it -- and be ready to send submissions soon!

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