Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Pre-owned dreams here, barely used;
Why pay more for new?
We always keep a few on hand
Just for folks like you!
Not too worn, never abused:
We know where they've been.
If they don't fit, we understand;
You can trade them in.

Couldn't we entice
You with something nice;
Fixed up just like new,
Wouldn't that suffice?
There's no better price,
Used just once or twice;
Let one carry you
Into paradise!

Buy your dreams here, all marked down,
guaranteed by me;
I patch them up, make them shine,
test them personally!
We have the finest illusions in town,
With tried and trusted themes.
Why bother with your own design?
Who needs brand-new dreams?

Stephen Brooke ©2007

Again, a song lyric more than a poem...but the sort of song I probably wouldn't bother working up these days. Oh well!

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