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Monday, November 26, 2007

AS in years past (the last five or six, that is), I will mention and recommend the Annual Christmas Concert at Tuskegee University. That's this coming weekend, six in the evening of Sunday Dec 2. Free, as always. I'll be recording once again but I would go anyway to hear the Golden Voices Choir, not to mention the keyboard work of Dr Barr and (of course) Ms Garcia.

It's nice that Tuskegee is now less than half the distance from me than when I lived in Steinhatchee. The move to Peanut Road has proven a good decision, even if I sometimes feel like I don't really live in Florida anymore!

In other news, Mary James is still editing the footage she shot at the Florida Folk Festival for a show or two on Cafe Americana. However, she has put up a clip at her YouTube account (along with several of her own performances) --

She has threatened to put up clips of me. Let's hope not...but with my slow dialup connection I don't watch much online video anyway.

Mary and Frank enjoyed their White Springs weekend and sold enough CDs to make it worthwhile. Of course, the real reason for going is to showcase and network (something socially-challenged Steve doesn't do well) and to simply have fun. They're in Tennessee right now, back to Florida soon I hope. I need to find some gigs for them down here!

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