Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Though I read the spam
about your web cam,
I'm not going to visit your page;
thanks for the invite,
not to mention the sight,
of a scantly clad girl your age.

I doubt that you're lonely
and that you are only
waiting for me to call;
so I'll save some money
and just imagine you, honey,
there in your nothing-at-all.

Oh, I don't have the time
and I can't spare a dime
that I earn with my labors;
why should I take a peep
as you eat and sleep,
when I can watch the neighbors?

So, the next time you write,
I think that you might
skip over old misers like me;
I won't pay that amount,
want my senior discount,
or, better yet, to get it free!

Stephen Brooke ©2007

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