Tuesday, December 18, 2007

MORE ODD BITS: I was shocked -- yes, shocked -- to learn that Kraft had stopped making Postum. My great-grandfather would be turning over in his grave, except he didn't drink caffeine and is probably still resting comfortably. He did like his cup of Postum every evening after dinner and I sometimes do of a chilly evening myself. And we're not even Mormons nor Seventh Day Adventist!

Oh well, it doesn't have enough flavor for present day palettes, I suppose. But I'd take it over decaf coffee most of the time. Btw, I've nothing against caffeine and love good coffee.

On a slightly similar note (like D and Eb?), I read once again that they are planning to prohibit us from buying incandescent light bulbs in a few years. I'm all for saving energy and money, and use the florescent bulbs myself, but I hate the idea of banning something that is not, in and of itself, dangerous. If incandescents are no longer the best way of lighting, folks will stop buying them.

And I can use the warmth -- seen as wasted energy by the experts -- of the standard light bulb. I've kept plants and chickens and car engines, for that matter, warm with them on a cold night. Not to mention, powering my lava light. You can't do that with a florescent!

Of course, I could also point out that these florescent bulbs do contain dangerous chemicals that are not found in incandescent bulbs, like mercury. And that they are mostly made overseas (China e.g) whereas many of the regular bulbs come from this country. Chalk up another win for the multi-national corporations and another loss for labor.

On a very different note, this past Sunday we celebrated the Feast of the Lady of Guadalupe at our church, with a mariachi band in addition to the usual choir. There's a big Latin population around the area -- mostly of Mexican background -- but they tend not to mingle at the same services as we gringos. It was good to see them there, even if the bi-lingual mass took rather a long time, as our priest had to repeat everything twice! Which is slightly boring if one understands both English and Espanol.

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