Sunday, December 09, 2007

MUSIC'S CHILD is the name of the James family's publishing company -- that is, the name Mary, Frank, and their mom (my sister Jeanne) use for the music they write (registered with BMI, for any who care). It was also the name of little Mean Mary's first album of music, recorded when she was six years old. Not a commercial release, by most standards, but a good start!

Here's a picture -- somewhat PhotoShopped -- of a Miniscule Mean Mary learning to play guitar from her mother. Must have all of three or four at the time. They have this pic on one of their sites, so I guess Mary doesn't mind it being public. Unless, of course, Jeanne snuck it on there without her knowing!

I suppose I should register a publishing company name with BMI one of these days. Been with them quite some time as a writer, not that I ever saw any money from the relationship. At this point, it may not be worth the fee.

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