Saturday, December 08, 2007


(This could've gone in my Peanut Road blog, being recording/music related, but since it's just about my own fooling around, I'll put it here.)

I was recording in 'Studio B' last night. The 'B' standing for 'bedroom.' :) I don't actually have two different control rooms! But I did carry my portable recorder into there and set up a mike to experiment a little on some 'voice over' work (i.e. spoken word recording). I should be working on some songs, but I'll get to them soon. Really!

Anyway, the microphone I put up was a Cad M177. That's a well-regarded-but-inexpensive large condenser mike. I don't plug dynamic microphones into the Fostex recorder, as a rule, because the built-in mike preamps don't do them justice. (I can use an external preamp, but was keeping things simple this time around.) So, how did it sound?

Not bad, but not right for my voice. I could certainly see using this microphone in a number of other roles, on other voices, on instruments. It's nice and clear, accurate...too accurate, maybe. Brought out too much sibilance, exaggerated some of the flaws in my delivery (e.g. my tendency to lisp). I'll pull out a 'darker' mike the next time I try this. Most likely my trusty Oktava 319.

Well, I must be off to Alabama. Another thrilling installment later!

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