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Monday, January 21, 2008

ALL COMPUTERS die eventually and it would seem that my cheapo HP has gone that way at a little under 6 years of age. I'd been expecting this for some time -- that's part of the reason I switched to using the Mini Mac as my main online computer a little while back. Fortunately, everything essential was backed up recently; I may lose a few graphics I was working on, some correspondence from the past month or so. And, who knows, I might be able to get those off the hard drive too.

However, this leaves me without my main graphics machine. I don't use the Mac for that because the programs I want to use (such as Corel Draw) simply aren't available for Apple machines and the alternatives are either clunky (like the Open Office stuff) or too darn expensive! I may be moving my recording PC into the office and replacing it with something more powerful (and quieter too, perhaps). The Mini remains the web surfing board of choice and I do much of my writing on it now, as well.

It was a cold and rainy weekend and I stayed holed up for the most part. Made use of my time by trying to organize my songs a bit. I hadn't counted how many I had written in some time -- years, really -- and found that I had 165 of them in various states of completion (they're never completely complete until they're on a commercial recording, I reckon, and even then they might change). That's not including a few parodies and the instrumental stuff. I'm hoping to get a couple worked up and recorded for the Kerrville festival song contest.

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