Friday, January 04, 2008

AS OF today, I'm making the switch to using my Mac as my main online computer. I've just gotten fed up with all the problems with viruses and such that come with Windows. I bought this Mini originally for a secondary machine to use in my bedroom and to fool around with for writing and music composition but it's front-and-center in the office now.

Unfortunately, there are a few places out there on the web where I must use Windows and/or Explorer. Especially for my own websites! I'll have to crank up one of the PCs occasionally for that. The one I've been using is going to be primarily a dedicated graphics and writing tool from here out -- which may not be long, since it's nearly 6 years old.

On a different subject: following yesterday's Iowa results I would like to make the following prediction. Bill Richardson will be the Democratic nominee...for vice president. The perfect running mate for whichever of the 'big three' (and I, as some of you know, am hoping it's John Edwards) comes out on top.

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