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Friday, January 25, 2008

CREATIVITY has taken the back seat lately. I've been busy revamping my online presence -- moving the Cafe Press merchandise to new (free) stores, redoing the main website (i.e the Insolent Lad and the various domains that point to it) with a different software. I got tired of struggling with Yahoo's online editor (I'm hosted at Y! and happy with it otherwise), PageBuilder. I'm still using their proprietary offerings but have moved up to SiteBuilder, with more features and offline capabilities.

Anyway, the site may show the signs of construction for a while, with links that go nowhere and such. I have deleted most of the add-on stuff there, the php-based pages, the WordPress blog.

Computer: I have a new one on order. Figured I might as well get something good (regardless of whether I can actually afford it!) that will serve in the recording studio for a long time to come, so the old recording PC is now in the office. It was a good and trouble-free machine (from Gateway) but it lacked the power to work with many of the newer recording peripherals, not to mention mixing down a lot of tracks with real-time digital effects. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that most of my software and hardware will play nicely with Vista. I suspect that I will be downloading drivers for a while.

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