Thursday, January 17, 2008

GOLLY GOSH, is there anything more frustrating than putting a new set of strings on the guitar and having one break while you tune it up?

Well, okay, I guess there are a few things worse. But none of them happened today!

On the subject of guitars, I've been using my old-n-cheap Ovation Celebrity as a semi-baritone for a few years, i.e. I put on a heavy set of regular strings and tune it down a tone or tone and a half. It's a good choice for that sort of thing, being rugged and not having much of a twangy voice anyway. A couple weeks back, however, I decided to try it out in true baritone tuning.

Now an actual baritone guitar would have a longer scale, like 27 or 28 inches, rather than the 25.5 on the Ovation. Not to be confused with a short-scale bass, which would be more like 30 or so -- I sometimes see them referred to as baritones but it isn't the same thing. But that's another diatribe for some other time. Anyway, I slapped a set of baritone strings on the guitar and it sounds decent. It would have been nice if could tune all the way down to A but that was just too 'floppy' with the shorter scale. B works fine; if I wanted to go lower I'd have to invest in a true baritone guitar someday.

Which might be nice but is hardly a priority (I've more use for an acoustic bass). I'm going to play around with the tuning for a while. Might even leave it that way.

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Bob said...

Amen, on the breaking a new string! I can testify!