Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I HATE cold weather; in fact, I hereby pledge to support any candidate who favors outlawing it! Tonight may prove to be the coldest of the winter. I hope so, anyway. It's time to start thinking about my spring garden!

So, it's a shiny New Year. I should be making some shiny new resolutions, eh? Not personal ones, being darn near perfect already (and far too old and set in my ways to change anyway), but perhaps some goals. Like getting more recordings finished.

And getting more stuff 'out there.' Writing, songs, art. Maybe I could enter something at Kerrville this year...

Anyway, the immediate chore is to update my online presence, streamline my website and stores. As I mentioned a while back, I intend to close my 'premium' Cafe Press shop in favor of several of the free ones -- one design per store instead of all in one. It should work just as well, if not better, and save me a bit. I've noticed that Lulu is now offering prints and posters so I may offer some artwork there too.

I've had some items installed at my site(s) that are receiving little or no use, such as a php discussion board, an embedded blog (intended for announcements, mainly), a calendar. I'm becoming convinced that they're just clutter at this point and think I will remove them. External blogs work just fine and it's easy enough to simply have a regular html page for news. Btw, Yahoo will soon be closing down 360, where I have my 'literary' blog, so I've removed the link (and made it 'friends only') until the new format is in place.

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