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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A song about the Steinhatchee River (where I used to live) -- I originally wrote this about two years ago and probably posted it here, but was unsatisfied with the lyric. Tune was okay. Anyway, I rewrote the words but not soon enough to enter it in the Florida Song competition this time around. Maybe next year!


From the shadowed shallow waters of San Pedro Bay,
Through the swamps, the dark Steinhatchee makes its winding way.
Under ground and over falls, the pools where children play,
The river finds its way down to the Gulf at Deadman Bay.

Now hatchee is the word for river, you probably all know,
While steen means man in the tongue of the Creeks, and they named it so.
Men must have their maps and names, but men will come and go;
I’m sure the river doesn’t care – it’s just gonna flow.

Steinhatchee, Steinhatchee, eagles in the air;
Hear the crested woodpecker play distant drums somewhere.
Steinhatchee, Steinhatchee, where the cormorants dive;
Carry me down to the Gulf – it’s good to be alive.

An island in the river is my kind of neighborhood;
In the shade of a live oak tree, I’d be there if I could.
Pull a catfish from the water, find some firewood;
Fry it up with hush-puppies: is anything that good?

Drift lazily down through the flats, past palmetto and pine,
Between high rocky banks grown thick with tangled muscadine.
Down at the Bay, we’ll dive for scallops; they’re fat and taste so fine.
Yes, I could spend a life right here on this river of mine.

Stephen Brooke ©2008

Btw, 'San Pedro Bay' is a swamp, not a bay in the usual sense -- the usage is related to bayou.

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pineyflatwoodsgirl said...

I'd like to hear this song. I like it...