Wednesday, February 13, 2008


vs 1.
I was in the pokey
Down in Pahokee,
The last time I saw you;
You was drunk
As a skunk
And I reckon I was too!
With too much beer
And too little fear,
There's no tellin' what you'll do;
When we left them jails
We'd fill our sails
With any wind that blew.

Have you ever wondered
How we blundered
And ended up this way?
Not that smart
Right from the start,
And often led astray.
When it came to girls
We were swine before pearls
But now I'd have to say,
We had our fun
And when we was done,
Things turned out okay!

vs 2.
I was smokin' a stogie
By Lake Okeechobee,
Tryin' to catch a crappie,
When you drove up
with a mongrel pup
In your old Ford jalopy.
You took one look
At my empty hook
And said, 'Lets go get sloppy.'
Well, I never did trust
That pile of rust,
But it got us to a bar in Ochopee!

repeat chorus

Stephen Brooke (c)2008

A song lyric (tune is floating about in my brain) -- I just couldn't think of a good title so I ended up with what I ended up with...but I don't think it's likely to get the nod as the new official state song! I'm open to suggestions for a better name. For those not from around these parts, the names are places in southern Florida, where I grew up. And a crappie, for those who don't know, is a fish and pronounced (at least by some of us) as 'crop' not 'crap!'

I had to watch the Westminster dog show the last couple nights. Yay for the beagle! Beagles are the bestest dogs! And if my friend Karen just happens to read this, yeah, pugs are nice too. ;)

ADDENDUM, Thurs evening Feb 14: Silly me; this song should, of course, be called "Things Turned Out Okay." And will be!

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