Sunday, February 10, 2008

HERE'S ANOTHER silly song I just finished -- most of the text was writting four or five years ago and then ended up in a stack of papers with various old poems and such. I found it a couple days ago and decided to rewrite it a bit today and add a tune. I figured it's the sort of thing that doesn't need a chorus or bridge or any of that high falutin' songwritin' stuff.


I’m gonna tell your boyfriend
You’re married to my girlfriend;
It’s something that he really oughta know.
So bring him by tomorrow,
We’ll all pile in the Gremlin
And go public on the Jerry Springer Show.

I hear you have a job now,
Strippin’ in a club;
They tell me that you do some real fine dancin’.
I’m glad you met your guy there,
Except that he reminds me
Just a bit too much of Charlie Manson.

I feel real close to you
Since I moved in with your mother,
And I guess I kinda like your daddy too.
Three is pleasant company,
But four becomes a crowd,
So won’t you tell your sister that we’re through?

Besides, she has your ex,
So lets all coexist
In a spankin’ new used double-wide.
I’m fixin’ to buy one
Soon as I sue the Wal-Mart,
‘Cause you know that’s where I met my bride

Stephen Brooke ©2008

Right now there's a lasagna and a bottle of red calling my name so I'll sign off...

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