adventures in dysthymia

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I love crock pots. Maybe it goes back to my college days when I pretty much cooked in one every day. Lots of beans and whole grains and veggies and such, of course, but also the occasional coq au vin...mmm, the thought almost makes me wish I weren't (theoretically!) vegetarian these days. But crock cooking requires planning ahead and some folks can't easily do that. No Rachel Ray 30 minute meals!

Yesterday, I did spaghetti sauce in the crock pot. It's the ideal way, I think -- let it simmer in there as long as necessary. Chili too (yeah, without meat). I don't really need to crank the oven that often. When I bake bread, naturally, and on these really cold mornings to get the kitchen toasty! And I refuse to microwave anymore. Why hurry food? That's like hurrying up having fun so you can go do something else!

Of course, if you happen to cooking alongside someone special, there's even less reason to hurry it up. Well, unless you're really in a rush to get onto that 'something else.'

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