adventures in dysthymia

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If anyone happened by my website in the last couple days, they may have noticed that it wasn't there, for the most part. The change in software brought up unexpected and ever-increasing problems so I decided to wipe the whole thing and build it all new. Steve would never change things if he wasn't forced now-n-again so this is probably a good thing.

So I'm putting up pages as I can, rather than doing it all at once -- some presence is better than a 'coming soon' or 'under construction' notice.

I'm getting increasingly miffed (I could use a stronger word but children might be listening) with my satellite reception in this recent weather. Plus the fact that my mom refuses to learn how to change channels (for fear of messing something up) and ends up watching Food Channel 24-7. I think I'm going old school soon and getting me a good antenna for the roof. If nothing else, maybe I could get Tallahassee on the radio then. I'm just beyond range with what I'm using now. And, no, I can't listen on the internet with my dial up connection!

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