Saturday, February 09, 2008

RECENTLY I haven't been blogging nor interacting online much -- busy with life and all that. I've been getting the new computer up and running, figuring out just how much of my software and hardware (I'm mostly talking the recording stuff) is going to work with Vista. Revamped the website some -- or switched to new site building software, I should say, as the Insolent Lad looks about the same right now. I'll be working on that as time permits...

Had some business over in Cross City yesterday and stopped in at Steinhatchee on the way home. I'm going to have to go over there and do some serious cleanup on the place soon and try marketing it on my own. The 'pros' haven't been very interested and with the market the way it is now, I'm not surprised. I brought home another load of rock and some trees.

The trees being sabal (cabbage) palms and cedars. Stuff that grows relatively well in the sand over there but may not be ideal for the better soil around here. We'll see. The rocks are, at this point, mostly for a low wall on either side of the drive. I finished the fire pit long ago and have been burning in it, so I don't need more rock there. At least, not right now. I have plenty more limestone rocks piled up over at the Hatch, ready to haul here when I have the time and interest. May dig up some more trees too, maybe a magnolia.

Now, if anyone out there might be interested in a nice piece of property in Steinhatchee, here's a pic from two Springs ago. It's not looking that nice now, a bit overgrown and a couple of the big oaks died in last years drought and will have to come down eventually. Perhaps on their own! The two trailers are old and of little-or-no value, but the lot is 2/3 of an acre, on a nice dry hill, lots of trees, just across the road from docks connecting to the river. It would be a great place to build that vacation home! City water and septic tank are in place and there's a well that could be cleaned out and put back into operation. We're asking $69,000 but with the market as it is....well, we might be persuaded to go lower.

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