Friday, February 15, 2008


Do you see what I see, up ahead?
It’s a pile of melons, in a truck bed!
Slow down, slow down, this automobile,
We’ve got to stop and make a deal
‘Cause it’s a roadside stand and he’s sellin’...

Anywhere from Lawtey down to Dunnellon,
You’ll see ‘em by the road with their watermelon;
Fill up the back of a pickup truck,
Sell ‘em all with a bit of luck.
We’ll take one or two, I’m easily sold,
Put ‘em in the spring to get good and cold;
when we’re done swimmin’ they’ll taste so fine,
Sweet and juicy beneath that rind.

Listen here and I’ll tell you why
I’m lookin’ forward to the Fourth of July:
All the little kids, playin’ and yellin’,
Fireworks and cold watermelon!
Full of sweet juice when they’re red and ripe,
Runs down my chin, I’m too busy to wipe;
How much is too much, there’s just no tellin’ –
Give me another slice of that watermelon!

Stephen Brooke ©2008

Yes, yet another song. They're just poppin' out lately. The music is already worked up (roughly). This grew yesterday and today from an old page with a few rhyming words and a couple phrases on it that I had put away some time back. It's always a good thing to jot those ideas down for later! The first part here functions as an intro and probably an outro as well; the verses could be broken up as desired to fit in instrumental stuff.


pineyflatwoodsgirl said...

Did we win?

Stephen B said...

Haven't heard anything personally yet nor seen any public announcement. Reckon we'll find out eventually...