Saturday, March 08, 2008

I NEED to stop trying to change channels with my cordless phone. Though the people I might get on a wrong number may be more interesting than most television programs. The repair-person came and got my satellite dish working properly again yesterday so now I once again have 200-some programs available to not watch. I really only have the dish for my mom (who is doing better, though recent events got her rather confused) and am still thinking of going back to an antenna in a couple months.

* * *

I'm glad to hear that Waris Dirie was found safe and sound. This world needs all the Really Good Looking Women it has and it doesn't do to go misplacing them. Doesn't it seem like that Somalia-Eritrea-Ethiopia area has some of the best looking women in the world? No wonder Solomon fell for that gal from Sheba.

* * *

So John McCain will be running as the Republican candidate. I must admit that if I were to vote for a Republican (hey, stranger things have happened!) he would have been my choice. Oh, I guess none of them was all bad. Except Giuliani, who is, of course, the anti-christ. But, as I must ask every four years, where is Dwight Eisenhower when we need him?

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