Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NO MORE freezing weather, okay? It's almost April after all and this is Florida, y'know! It's Spring and it's time to get out the shorts and pack away the jackets. And go places!

Unfortunately, I probably won't go to Dunnellon for the Will McLean Festival this year. The logistics may just be too much for me to handle it. I've been there the last six years and hate to miss my perfect attendance record. I should have a gold star by now!

Naturally, I do intend to make it to the Florida Folk Festival in May. I've made it there for seven years in a row and don't want to break that record. Even if it's only for one day.

Looks like a much better year -- so far -- for growing things around here. No drought like last year, though we are moving into the drier season. Lots of things are blooming and sprouting around here. The azaleas are out, of course. The privet should bloom soon. Surprisingly, the pear was rather sparsely blossomed this spring. Perhaps the stress of last year is to blame. And I don't think my hazelnuts are going to revive. I nursed them all last summer but it looks like it was to no avail. Maybe I'll try them again next year.

On a completely different note (which creates a new chord, right?), I've started another blog that I've named The Metanoist. It's supposed to be in conjunction with the magazine. Sort of, anyway. I know 'metanoia' is a term used more by theologians than by artsy types, but I thought it appropriate.

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