Tuesday, March 11, 2008


vs 1
From Tuscaloosa to Montgomery,
Or Nashville, up in Tennessee,
Summer's here and it's far too hot --
I reckon Florida is our best shot.
Down the Interstate, it's not so far,
a couple hours in an over-crowded car,
So load up the kids and don't forget Gramma
we're headin' for Baja Alabama!

vs 2
Down on the Panama City beaches
Kids will swim while Daddy fishes;
Later we'll watch the Florida stars,
Evenings of beers and oyster bars.
Hear those cool Gulf breezes callin'
Before you know it, you'll be fallin'
In love and never want to go
Back to Birmingham or Tupelo.

We don't need to visit Disney,
We don't need Miami's lights,
When we can sit on a white sand beach
And be amazed by a Gulf sunrise.
It's the Redneck Riviera,
A bit of Panhandle paradise;
Come on down and get your share
Of sunny days and starlit nights

vs 3
Girls in bikinis go strollin' by
While country boys give them the eye;
The surfer dude, the farmer's wife --
Mix 'em all up and call it life!
Every day is a carnival;
Have your fun before it's Fall.
Summer's short, each sun must set,
but we'll be back, you can bet!

repeat chorus (or something like that)

Stephen Brooke (c)2008

Yes, a song, and extremely rough and first draft-y at this point. A bit of a lightweight, throw-away concept too but the words were in my head and I had to get rid of 'em. Btw, I am no longer posting any of my writing over at 360. If and when the 'universal profile' debuts, maybe I'll do something there.

In other news...well, there's not much other news. I'm semi-busy doing the home-manufacture of CDs thing for a client I recorded some time back. I should be recording and manufacturing my own, shouldn't I? :(

addendum, later in the day...I changed the line 'cool Gulf breezes' to 'cool sea breezes.' 'Cool Gulf' was unsingable, at least for me. And it is a song now, tune, chords, etc. I may change the place names in the first line yet, if I can come up with better ones! (In part, because I'm thinking of using the phrase 'from Tuscaloosa to Tallapoosa' in a different piece and in part because of the slightly forced rhyme of Montgomery and Tennessee)

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