Tuesday, March 04, 2008

THIS WILL be a bit of a hit and run post -- just haven't had the time and desire to organize my thoughts and post the last few days, as I've been mostly dealing with taking care of my mother. Things are (I hope, anyway) getting back onto a more even keel there. At least I haven't tipped over and drowned yet.

I give up on Yahoo's SiteBuilder software. It was so seductive...so easy to use...but it really only works well with a small site, not a sprawling monstrosity like mine with various and sundry subdomains and forwarded domain addresses and so on. The links and images have never wanted to work properly, especially if I use a subdomain address. So I'm going back to a simpler program with fewer features but which I know works. I guess that means I'll be pretty much wiping the site clean again and starting over...oh, dear, what am I getting myself into?

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