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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yes, even older than the last one (from the late 80s this time), but I recorded it for the same EP four years ago. This is one song that I actually managed to sell and was recorded by someone other than myself, not that it sold any copies! I think I made like nine dollars...


Faith doesn’t come easy and the truth isn’t free;
Answers aren’t handed to you and to me.
We spend our lives searching for something to trust,
Hoping there’s more than ‘dust unto dust.’

But the knowledge we seek has been well hidden,
For life is a steed not easily ridden.
Though some may ride far, in the end it is known
Each man is unhorsed, each rider is thrown.

So try to ride boldly and try to ride well,
Keep firm in your seat where other men fell;
Then maybe before you go down to the dust,
Before you go down as all of us must,
You’ll have learned just enough to know the time’s near
To let loose the reins and to go without fear.

When we take the long fall from saddle to earth,
Can it mean the end of all that’s of worth?
Believe what you will, but the truth won’t be shown
Till we share the fate of the rider, thrown.

Stephen Brooke ©1987

When I did this I was still very much feeling my way as a songwriter, but it came out reasonably well. It was revised only a bit later on.

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