Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Bring out your dead!
and I come forth to lay
myself in his wagon.
Bring out your dead,

bring out your dead!
Each cathedral bell
joins the requiem:
massed voices clamor

Requiem aeternam
dona eis, Domine.
Where shall I lay my head
now but on earth's pillow?

The time has come and gone
and will not come again:
dies irae, dies illa.
I have brought out my dead.

Stephen Brooke ©2008

I suppose on first read this could seem downbeat, depressing, even suicidal in its message...not so intended. It's more about acceptance and even more about just letting some free association take the piece where it will, i.e. it's 'meaning' is very much wrapped in metaphor and mist.

I'm going to continue to make this blog my 'poetry central' since giving up on 360 (although I did get me a Multiply account, that's not going to be my replacement literary blog).

In other news: 'Mean' Mary and Frank are going to be back down in this area on July 10 to perform at Landmark Park near Dothan. I've never been there but it looks interesting. Their father, Bill James, suffered a stroke a few days ago but has bounced back well and seems fully recovered -- doing great for an 88 year old guy.

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Bob said...

Love this poem, Steve... great work.