Saturday, April 05, 2008

In that I'm sitting in front of my PC here at Peanut Road, it's obvious I didn't get down to the Will McLean Festival today. If it's raining even half as much in Dunnellon as it is in the Panhandle, then maybe it's just as well! Still, I do hate having missed it this year...and I'm hoping I can manage more than just a quick one-day run to the Florida Folk Festival next month.

* * *

It seems that many of my friends and online acquaintances now have accounts at Multiply. I tried that 'social networking' site a couple months ago and was not impressed enough to stay. Maybe that's because I'm less interestd in being social than in simply blogging. Steve never chats or IMs (don't have any form of messenger installed). Shoot, I don't even like to talk on the phone and still refuse to get me one of them new-fangled cell phones (and could do without all those ugly towers than can mess up my radio reception in the truck -- I do not want to hear snippets of conversation coming over the top of Beethoven). Anyway, I'm happy enough with the interaction at my various MySpace pages and a few message boards so I probably won't give Multiply another shot.

And, assuming Yahoo isn't swallowed up, eventually the new Profile thingy there should arrive and all my 360 stuff will presumably be switched over. Not that I intend to ever blog there again, but their adoption of this universal widget stuff should give some flexibility.

* * *

Counting down to the first issue of Peripheral Vision Magazine later this month. My gratitude goes to everyone who submitted material. The Fall edition will be bigger and better! More opinionated, too!!

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your magazine. I'm sending you a message directly.