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Monday, April 28, 2008

THE LAST of the old, old, really old songs:


Walk like a sailor, roll with the waves,
pace your decks with pride;
the seas are growing in the gale,
we must go with the tide.

Pray for a strong and steady wind,
a star to be our guide;
we voyage far and the empty seas
that we shall sail are wide.

Walk like a sailor, walk like a sailor,
and never forget who you are;
cross your oceans without fear,
a true son of Jack Tar.

Walk like a sailor, walk like a sailor,
who’s traveled the world ‘round;
though you stop at a thousand ports,
you know where you are bound.

And when you stroll your native shore,
your true love at y our side,
walk like a sailor, yes, like a sailor,
a swagger in your stride.

Stephen Brooke ©2008

This is the oldest of the bunch -- the original poem on which the song was later based was written in 1983. Revised a lot since then! A good bit of the lyric/poem was written in my head as I took a long walk along the beach (down in Naples) one day.

I am attempting to FTP an album's worth of wav files via my erratic dial-up connection. It's going to take a while but the manufacturer with whom I would prefer to work (Lulu) doesn't accept mailed discs, only uploads. So, 48 hours or so of uploading ought to do it...gee, maybe I should've gone with my second choice!

***OOPS...I just 'finished' with the transfer of the first file and after four hours or so it tells me there were too many errors and the process failed. Guess I'll go with that second choice (Cafe Press) after all.

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Stephen. Mm, another very classic little shanty. I'll have to get my sea legs and pass on the rum. Just checking in to say I'm thinking of you. I hope we catch up more. Have a great weekend.