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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It was mandatory that I watch the premiere of The Sarah Jane Adventures on SciFi channel the other day. I must say, Lis Sladen is just about as cute at 60 as she was those many years ago when she was sidekicking for Dr Who. The show itself, however, seemed to be targeted at a fairly young audience, rather than adults. Fun to watch, none the less.

On the subject of Dr Who, it's nice to see the time lord truly regenerated. The newer shows are pretty darn good, as have been the recent Doctors. Of course, for me, Tom Baker will always be the Doctor. I don't think any of the actors who have played the role have been complete disasters and some -- like Peter Davison and Christopher Eccleston -- were pleasant surprises. Having seen them play other parts, I just couldn't imagine them as Dr Who!

And since we're talking science fiction, I have to mention Battlestar Galactica. I know the critics think it's wonderful and, yes, the characters seem to have depth (mostly because the whole show takes itself so darn seriously) but I basically hate the program. It's ugly and has nothing of the wonder that makes true sci-fi great. It lacks imagination, in other words, a drab political drama dressed up with fantasy elements. If I wanted to watch a good series about war and politics in some future universe, I would opt for reruns of Babylon 5.

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