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Saturday, April 19, 2008


I've been trying to make some order of my old songs, some of them little more than notes scribbled in pencil and stuck in folders, some a little more polished. This is one I originally wrote in 1991 and rewrote some later, when I recorded it for my cowboy songs EP, also titled Dust and Stars. The lyrics, even revised, are somewhat dreadful but not bad enough to chuck into the circular file cabinet. The tune is servicable and sounds 'Western' enough. Even has a little key modulation in the refrain (or, more properly, a dash of flavor from mixolydian mode).


I chose to live beneath the sky
And wander many roads;
Dust and stars, no questions why,
No burdens and no loads.
My clothes have been my only home,
Roofed by my hat brim;
My companion, as I roam,
Ever is the wind.

Dust and stars, dust and stars,
Blow the winds from afar;
In the end that’s all we are:
Dust and stars.

Earth’s the bed on which I lie,
To slumber well and deep;
I ask no better when I die
And sleep my final sleep.
A few men will remember me,
Then they will be gone too;
Like a river to the sea,
The world’s always new.

Dust and stars etc.

And I hope I’ve done some good,
I’m sure that I have sinned;
Only the good Lord above could
Know what it has all meant.
In time the rocks are worn to sand
And scatter on the wind;
Yet dust one day will turn to land
And then to rock again.

Dust and stars, etc.

Stephen Brooke ©1991 and 2004

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