Friday, April 18, 2008

THOUGH I haven't much to say, I logged in anyway...been sort of 'under the weather' this week. And not so wonderful weather it was, with the return of temperatures in the thirties. I suppose I tend to hole up and use my eyes too much in front of the computer and get head-achey.

Not much creativity going on here, in the writing poetry or songs or painting sense, but I did finish putting together the first issue of the magazine (such as it is) so I was writing articles and messing with graphics and so on. I'll upload the Spring '08 edition of Peripheral Vision on Monday the 21st, as planned. Or, more likely, on Sunday night...after all, that's Monday morning in Australia, isn't it?

Now -- before I start worrying about that distant Fall issue -- I need to get busy on my website. It's been sitting while I worked on other projects. I need to make it more friendly to a wider variety of screen resolutions and browsers (though if y'all used Firefox or SeaMonkey, the browser part would be fine).

Gosh, when will I find time to cook? At least I get bread baked every week or week and a half so I don't have to depend on the stuff off supermarket shelves (though I do buy in the bakery occasionally, usually stocking up on the day-old stuff and putting it in the freezer). And, of course, I must make hummus from time to time. I suppose what I make most of the time now isn't strictly hummus, in that I prefer black beans to the garbanzos (or chick peas if you like -- I grew up around Cubans so I use the former name). Prefer the taste and they're a little cheaper too.

Naturally, I'll be cooking something good for my birthday (and magazine release party?) on Monday. Eggplant lasagna, more'n likely. I have all the fixin's ready, as well as a nice bottle of Zinfandel. Vegetarians don't have to suffer, y'know.

There are things going on this weekend, I see...will probably pass on most of them. I had considered the Celtic Festival and Highland Games over in Tallahassee tomorrow, but it looks like rain, and gas is more expensive every day. Or maybe it's every other day. It keeps going up anyway. Shoot, I don't even manage to drive up to Tuskegee these days, with my duties here. Life can sorta suck. I should write a song about it! ;)

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