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Thursday, April 24, 2008

YET ANOTHER old old song -- this one being the title song from my one and only mid-90s album, Southern Seas. I'm in the midst of remastering the recordings (I'll probably post some about that at the Peanut Road blog eventually) and working up good copies of the three original songs:


Long ago, in a northern land,
the outbound tide called me
to come and watch the hot red sun
rise o’er a tropical sea.

And though no more than a country lad,
sixteen and alone,
I found my way down to a port,
gray with fog and stone.

A tall ship beat up from the south,
sails spread like white doves’ wings,
with cargo of spice and bales of silk,
the treasure of savage kings.

So I shipped aboard and we sailed away
to the southern seas and beyond;
we sailed out of an amethyst eve
and into a golden dawn.

Like some ancient god’s forgotten gems,
islands I have seen
scattered shining in the surf,
emerald on aquamarine.

Now I’ve not looked back nor have I voyaged
again to my cold birth land;
I made the southern seas my home,
with their corals and silvered sands.

Till I came to anchor in a lost lagoon
and watched the seabirds soar;
then traveled no more but lived out my life
upon its jungled shore.

Stephen Brooke ©1990

The song has some back-story, not particularly interesting but I'll tell it anyway. The tune was originally written as a setting for a poem by R E Howard (yeah, the Conan the Barbarian creator) with a somewhat similar subject matter. Later I wrote my own lyrics, admittedly a tad derivative, and did the recording largely as an exercise in learning technique, so only a handful of friends have heard most of the material.

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