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Saturday, April 26, 2008

YET ANOTHER really old song:


The sea’s awakened in my heart,
I can not stay ashore.
My love, it’s time that we must part;
I’ll go to sea once more.
A wind in my soul has broken free,
And bears me from my home;
Await me by the cold gray sea
As long as I must roam.

Can your love carry me across the sea,
Back to the land that gave birth to me?
Cry no more, what must be will be:
A sailor’s heart must sometimes be set free.

Long bridled winds are rising free
To bear me from my home;
Await me here beside the sea
As long as I must roam.
My ship sails on the morning tide,
Bound for some distant shore;
But I’ll return and here abide
And go to sea no more.

Stephen Brooke ©1986 and 1990

Again, one of the songs that I recorded in the 90s and have been remastering. Finished the remaster job, actually, and intend to combine the ten songs from that album with the six from my cowboy music EP onto a single CD and make it available. I'm thinking a 'print on demand' approach at Cafe Press or Lulu (but NOT Amazon!) might be sensible. No overhead, other than my work, and they do all the distribution/sales. Anyway, I won't burn and print them myself, as in the past, though I may alternatively just order a small run of discs and do the covers and packaging. The cost to the multitude of fans clamoring for my work would be much lower that way!

This song was originally a poem. I suppose that's somewhat obvious. The semi-repeated verse (right after the refrain) was part of the conversion into a song, as was the addition of the refrain itself. I'll probaby convert some of these to mp3 format and post 'em somewhere eventually. There will be one more old song lyric from the upcoming album to put up here, when I get it worked up properly.

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Anonymous said...

This is the blog that I've bookmarked, Stephen so I'm back here to read.
Pity you can't get that pirate avatar up for this song. It is a very classic sounding shanty.