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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Moved down here to Florida
Back in Ninety-two;
Didn't take me long
To fit in someplace new.
And now I complain about
The things the tourists do;
No, I'm not quite a native
But I've been here longer than you!

Yeah, I've been here longer than you,
I'm almost Florida, now;
Half-way to being a cracker,
Talk Southern if I knew how.
Try to take things as slow
As my upbringing will allow;
There's still some Yankee in me
But I'm almost Florida, now!

These days I'm almost Florida,
I'm close, but not quite --
Think about Ohio
When those mosquitos bite
And the bull gators bellow
On a steamy night;
But you couldn't send me back
Without one helluva fight!

So to all those Northerners,
The ones that I once knew,
You'll find me on the beach --
Come and share a brew!
Remember just one thing
and give me my due;
These days I'm almost Florida --
I've been here longer than you!

Stephen Brooke ©2008

A Florida Song from a slightly different angle -- after all, most of us came from someplace else. Even I did, though I came when I was two. Apologies to the late Bobby Hicks for appropriating and convoluting his 'I'm Florida' phrase! The second stanza acts as a repeated chorus here. I don't think this is a particularly good song -- certainly not my best stuff -- but it's ok, I reckon. Maybe needs another verse or two? That might be overkill.

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