Friday, May 09, 2008

THE CD is now in my Insolent Lad Store (at Cafe Press). We'll see how this goes -- if it's acceptable in quality and service (stuff beyond my control...well, outside of closing the store and selling elsewhere), I'll do more stuff there. Maybe even go back to a 'premium' shop.

The Wind on the Prairie, the Wind on the Sea is, I would point out, nothing special in terms of recording and performance, just some old stuff I'm using as an experiment. Therefore, I'm only doing like a 50 cent markup over my base price. I considering just giving it away but, hey, my work is worth something, no? (Maybe I shouldn't ask that -- I might not like the answer!)

As far as recording more material goes, I think I need to work on some semi-live stuff for press kit purposes at the moment, rather than a commercial release. That will come, but right now I should get a mess of them 'Florida songs' worked up. Whether I'll actually be able to get out and perform is, to say the least, questionable. Might as well hope for the best, though.

I do still intend to get over to White Springs in a couple weeks for the Florida Folk Festival, even if only for one day. Can't miss that one! And, who knows, if I submit an application again, maybe they'll finally let me play next year. :)

PS I moved the CD from one 'section' to another in my store (in the process of transitioning back to a premium shop) so the original link up there didn't work anymore -- I've changed it now.

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