Thursday, May 15, 2008

The chief enemy of creativity is good taste. ~ Pablo Picasso

Maybe so...I sure haven't been very creative lately. I reckon I'll just blame it on my good taste! :)

Actually I have been writing and so on but I haven't been very satisfied with any thing I've done -- i.e. I don't consider anything finished enough to post online. Adding to that, my attention at the moment is on longer prose pieces which require time...lots of time.

And on gardening! Looks like we're back to that dry weather here, though it's not so severe as last year's drought. The day lilies are blooming, the blackberries are ripe. Not that I get to them before the birds eat them all! Darn mockers! I should -- and will -- get some mulberry trees growing here in time to distract the fruit-eaters.

The forecast calls for rain today. Hope it arrives. The last promised precipitation failed to fall. However, I do hope the weather is nice next weekend. Especially in White Springs for the Fla Folk Festival.

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